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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Steal! The All Natural Face-Magic Eye Primer

Every Saturday I post a natural beauty product I've discovered that costs under 10$! Yes it's possible to go natural while on a budget.

Before going natural I never thought about my eyelids. Mainstream eyeshadow stayed on just fine (thanks to silicone fillers and whatever else). But once I started using more natural eye makeup, I quickly realized I would need some help. After only a couple hours, I would get a terrible crease line on my eyelids! I realized I have, well, oily eyelids. Weird to say, but it's true.

I tried a couple different options. At first I used pure vegetable glycerin and this helped a little. Then I tried The All Natural Face's Oily Lid Eye Shadow Primer. Sounds perfect, right? Well it did help, but the eye shadow still creased and wore off a bit. So I decided to give their other eye shadow primer a go, the Magic Vegan Eye Shadow Primer. Bingo! It works like a charm. And at 7$, the price is right too.

My one complaint with The All Natural Face is their customer service... if you reach them they're very sweet and helpful, but I've sent several emails that never got responded to. Perhaps the company grew but they haven't hired proportionately? Whatever it is, I hope they improve this aspect as I really like the company otherwise.
The All Natural Face-Magic Primer
Magic Primer-rubbed in
Psst- Until 9/30/2012 if you spend 20$ at The All Natural Face you get 20% off plus a free makeup palette (for mixing, etc). Use code EMMY at checkout. See details here.

Do you use an eye shadow primer? What's your favorite brand?

Be good, stay fabulous-

*I purchased this item as a regular consumer. I'm not affiliated with this product nor do I receive compensation for recommending it.


  1. I use One Love Organics Skin Savior balm as an all over primer including the eyes, or RMS beauty concealer BUT I am so going to try this one!! I have to tell you, I love the site. You and I (I also run Nurtured Beauty) have so much in common with the natural brands we like and bravo to you for bringing them to us!

    1. Oh thank you! I hear RMS is wonderful, although I've yet to try it. Yes it's fun to play with natural cosmetics, isn't it? Thanks for commenting. I just signed up for your newsletter.