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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lauren Brooke Lip Glosses + Lipsticks

Remember when I did the post on the Lauren Brooke Lip Glazes? Well Lauren Brooke generously also offered a 10% discount (code: greenbeauty) until August 28th, which is this Tuesday! I figured I would swatch whatever samples and products I have in case you want to take advantage of this already affordable line and get an extra discount.

First The Lip Glosses (tube is Apricot color):

Lip Glosses- L to R: Coral, Apricot
I had a 'duh' moment trying to figure out the applicator but you just twist it up. I can't decide if I find it fun and nifty or if I'd prefer a regular wand applicator. Regardless, it's attractive and easy to apply.

And now The Lipsticks (Lip Colours):
Lipsticks- L to R: Frappe, Peche, Chablis, Chianti, Merlot, Cinabre


I own Cinabre and love it, I wear it regularly. It's a nice, bronze-y metallic. You can wear it more sheer or apply it full color.
Cinabre close-up
My only suggestion with regards to the lipsticks is about the packaging; they come in a lip balm tube... this detracts in my opinion, because they are full-fledged lipsticks. I think it would be worth it to use more glamorous tubes. But at the end of the day, whatevs. The lipstick is good.

Recap: for 10% discount until August 28th, go to Lauren Brooke's website and use the code GREENBEAUTY at checkout.

Have fun!

*I purchased these items as a regular consumer and receive no compensation for reviewing them.

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