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Monday, July 30, 2012

Exploring Etsy - Madison Street Beauty

Etsy is a site where artisans can sell their wares, including cosmetics! Because most products are handmade, they tend to be (but aren't always) more natural than mass-produced products. Not only that, makeup prices and shipping costs tend to be lower. But are the products any good? The Exploring Etsy series will help us find out.

Madison Street Beauty *60% sale until Tuesday, July 31st at midnight*
I heard about MSB a while ago but with all the other companies I was learning about, it got lost in the shuffle. Then recently I saw they were having a 60% off sale... what?! That is unbelievably awesome. I figured it was overdue time for me to look into this a little more. I'm so glad I did because I love their eye shadows.

As you can see the finishes are quite varied so you may want to try several. Now is a great time because sample eye shadows are 1$, and full-sized are 2$! As you can see below, the sample sizes are quite generous. Shipping is 2.84$ to the U.S. and 6$ anywhere else.

Ingredients are overall very clean, however a select few contain copper powder which ranks a 3 on Skin Deep (3 is on the low end of 'moderate hazard'). Personally I prefer not to use it so the swatches below don't contain it, but it's up to your discretion.

Customer Service has been impeccable; I wrote in twice and they got back to me so quickly with detailed suggestions. The orders were processed and arrived quickly as well.

Below are my swatches (applied without primer). I've put a * next to my favorite colors.

L to R: Green Tea, Emerald*, Golden Olive*, Celestial Silver, Silver Star*
All swatches were taken in sunlight so the sparkles really pop.
L to R: Butterscotch, Honey Brown, Desert Sands*, California Sun*
Desert Sands is such a striking color.
L to R: Moroccan Bronze*, Sierra*, Cacao, Chestnut
I've been wearing Moroccan Bronze almost every day.
L to R: Honey Gold*, Nude Shimmer*, Bare Coral*, Copper*
I took a sauna wearing Nude Shimmer and my eyeshadow didn't budge (I couldn't believe it).
L to R: Wisteria*, Amethyst, Parisian Pink, Redcurrant, Royal Blue
Wisteria is a lovely, soft color; it changes slightly depending on how the light hits it.
Sample size (they don't always have this much but it's usually quite generous)
Samples come without sifters.

So there you have it- even if the sale is over, the prices are still a great bargain. Try them out and let me know how it goes - I'd love to see your own swatches too.

Be good, stay fabulous-

*I purchased these items as a regular consumer. I'm not affiliated with these products nor do I receive compensation for recommending them.

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