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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Natural Makeup On-The-Go

One thing I've noticed in switching to natural makeup is that it doesn't last all day. This not only doesn't bother me, it makes me happy because I know the ingredients that make lipstick last through salads and smooching are chemicals that are bad for us. That being said, a girl's gotta get creative if she doesn't want to look buff-faced by the end of the day (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Multi-tasker makeup is great for on-the-go because it means toting around less stuff to get multiple beauty jobs done:
Lip/cheek stains: I've yet to try one but here are some options I've heard of:
Use lipstick as blush: 
  • Rub a little on the apples of your cheeks for a midday glow.
Moisturizer for frizz: Try mixing moisturizer with a little warm water to calm frizzy hair (just use safe/organic moisturizer).
Travel/Trial/Mini Sized Items
In general if you go to your fave beauty websites and look up Travel, Trial, Mini, and/or Sample, you'll find some options for on-the-go. 
    Blotting Papers: I use the the mineral powder ones from The Body Shop but I couldn't find them online - I think they have them in stores though. I actually couldn't find any other non-toxic powdered ones, but I did find these powderless ones: 

    Lip Tints/Balms/Shimmers: These are often smaller and lighter than lipstick, and you don't need a mirror to apply them (bonus):

        Travel Eyeshadow/Concealer: 
        • Everyday Minerals has a Travel Size option (4.50$) on concealers and eyeshadows - these come in a small rollerball. This is a good bet for a quick sweep of color on the eyelids or to cover a blemish on-the-go.
        Deodorant: Travel deodorant can be a good security blanket. I haven't tried these but their ingredients look good: 

        Mini Brushes, Applicators and Containers
        EcoTools brush set
        • Eco Tools is a company that makes cruelty-free brushes (Alicia Silverstone designed for them) and they're quite affordable. They have some nice options for on-the-go brush sets and retractable brushes
        • I just discovered the TKB Trading website and they have plenty of jars in various sizes, as well as compact brushes and applicators - all for super cheap. I have the stackable jars and they're both fun and useful.

        Priming/Setting Your Makeup
        Setting with Powder
        • A light dusting of finishing powder after putting your base or foundation is always a good idea, especially if you have oily or combination skin.
        Eyelid Primer: I find that mineral eyeshadow tends to fade and crease by the end of the day. 

         *   *   *   *   *
          Most importantly- have realistic expectations. Natural makeup is different than commercial makeup. Cosmetics are there to enhance our beauty, not mask it. If it wears off and we don't look completely 'polished' all the time, so what? That is SO much better than putting toxins on our bodies just to look 'perfect'. I personally have found a new enjoyment in a softer, more natural look, even though I still enjoy bright colors sometimes.

          Let me know how any of this goes! Thanks for reading.
          Be good and stay fabulous,
          Michele [michelesquest@gmail.com]

          *Please note - I am just a regular consumer and in no way affiliated to any of these products. I receive no form of compensation for any recommendations I make. I haven't tried all of these products so use your discretion and do your own research.

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